Your Shampoo

Well I know that you're pretty cute
From the top of your head to your new cowboy boots
And your clothes are in season but that's not the reason
that I'm in love with you
Yeah I know that you look pretty swell
But when I met you it was love at first smell
I'm in love with your hair and with your shampoo

You know my favorite hour's when you step out of the shower
And I can barely see you through the steam
When you lather rinse repeat it makes me feel my life's complete
And I faint when you apply your facial cream

I know that you're pretty smart
But that's not the reason that you stole my heart
I just took a sniff and after one whiff
there was nothing more that I could do
And I'm fond of the perfume you wear
But I'm more interested in the smell of your hair
You know that the reason I love you is your shampoo

When I meet a girl who's a hairdresser I'll do my best to impress her
But it kind of turns me off she charges fees
When I meet a girl with good conditioner you know I'll proposition her
As long as she's got hair down to her knees

Now I hear that you're cutting me loose
And you say it's because I don't use enough mousse
Well you weren't my kind so I don't really mind
but there's one thing I want you to do
When you leave for another guy
Won't you give me something to remember you by
Go on and leave me, leave me alone
Don't write any letters or call on the phone
As long as you leave me a bottle of your shampoo
To remind me of you

Copyright © 1997 Dan Schmidt