Beauty is only skin deep
But how deep does beauty need to be?
Organs are all very fine
But they're not the things I want to see

I don't want your liver
I don't want your heart
It's warm and wet and bloody and it's tearing me apart
I don't want your kidneys
I don't want your brain
It's cold and wet and clammy and it's driving me insane

You're an organism
Don't try to deny it
Cause you are what you eat
And I've been monitoring your diet

Slowly you breathe in and out
As fluids and gas move through your frame
They travel to your hands and your feet
And then they return the way they came

I can hear you bubble
I can hear you hiss
I know it should repulse me but instead I'm filled with bliss
I can hear you gurgle
I can hear you sigh
It makes me want to kiss you and I'm sure I don't know why

You're an organism
Don't try to deny it
And if I were you
I'd do my best to keep it quiet

You're flesh and blood and meat and bone
With a layer of skin upon it
If I could see your insides, dear
I probably would vomit

But luckily they're hidden from me
Your skin makes an excellent facade
Darling, you're slimy and wet
But I've grown accustomed to your bod

So I guess I love you
Despite the things I thought
Your body may be gross but it's the only one you've got
You're gradually decomposing
You constantly decay
But truth to tell I wouldn't have you any other way

You're an organism
Don't try to deny it
And if you sell your soul
I'll be the first in line to buy it

Copyright © 1997 Dan Schmidt