I can see it in your eyes
What you want, I've got a hunch
Leave your papers on your desk
Put in your coat, let's go eat lunch

Waiter seats us at our table
The non-smoking section please
I think today I'll have spaghetti
I'm in the mood for grated cheese

Gobble down the appetizer
Hope we won't have long to wait
Now the entree's coming towards us
As we start to salivate

Leave a little bit uneaten
Hope the waiter won't feel hurt
Although the food is so delicious
I have to leave room for dessert

Now they roll the pastry cart out
What delicious things they bake
Feed the meter one more quarter
I think I'll have the chocolate cake

Now the check is on the table
Paying this one might be hard
Not much money in my wallet
Guess I'll use my Mastercard

Copyright © 1997 Dan Schmidt