Hey, I saw you standing, I saw you smile
You look enchanting, let's dance for a while
For a while

Hey, I know it ain't easy, I know it's hard
You leave yourself open, you're gonna get scarred
I'm still scarred

I love everybody, I love you
You're the only friend I got I wanna do stuff to

Hey, you took my soda, you stole my fries
I thought you were honest, but then I got wise
I got wise

Hey, let's take a vacation, just me and you
Cause I got a secret and you have one too
Yeah you do

I hate everybody, I love you
We could save the world but we've got better things to do

Push me up, pull me down, kiss me underground
Throw me off, watch me drown, fill my head with sound

Copyright © 2001 Dan Schmidt