I fell in love with you, but it wasn't you, it was who I thought you were
And I made a you to love, so I'd fall in love, and I fell in love with her

I could see inside of your heart
If you were me and I were you
But Heisenberg will keep us apart
You modify the things you view

You fell in love with me, but it wasn't me, it was who you thought I am
And I - well I try to be your idea of me, and I do the best I can

Do you lie awake in your bed
Inventing ways to be like me?
Do you save the things that I've said
And search them for some sort of key?

And we - I bend towards you, and you bend towards me, and we haven't broken yet
And we form from you and me, asymptotically, it's the closest that we'll get

I could spend the rest of my days
Just analyzing what you do
And if there's any person whose haze
I'm happy just to wander through
It's you

Copyright © 1998 Dan Schmidt