Hate to Love

You've got lips, dear
You've got teeth
You've got a smile but there's something underneath
I'd like to pry it open but you turn the other cheek

You've got shoulders
You've got knees
There's something between the two that your cat never sees
I'd like to take a look myself but I'm not a Siamese

You're the one I hate to love
Why I still do it I don't know
If you're not above then I'm below

You're my chicken
You're my soup
I thought that I'd drink you but I see you flew the coop
You threw my love away and then you threw me for a loop

You're my salmon
You're my fish
You broke my wishbone so I'll make another wish
I'll smother you in hollandaise and serve you on a dish
With new potatoes on the side
A chilled carafe of fine white wine
And just a touch of cynaide
You're going to be delish

You're the one I hate to love
I should have stopped a long time ago
If you're not a dove then I'm a crow

Copyright © 1997 Dan Schmidt