Won't you be my ex-girlfriend
We'll have a friendship that will never end
Be my ex-girlfriend
Why should we pledge our hearts
When it's only going to fall apart
Let's just end it all before we start
Be my ex-girlfriend

I don't want to hold hands with you and I don't want to kiss
I just want to stay up all night with you and fondly reminisce

Be my ex-girlfriend
We'll sit and talk about way back when
If we make up we can break up again
Be my ex-girlfriend
Oh darling can't you see
That the two of us were meant to be
Former lovers for eternity
Be my ex-girlfriend

I don't want to go out with you and I don't want to have sex
I just want to see the way you blush when I introduce you as my ex

Well I've been in love before and it's always been the same
The love ends eventually and it causes lots of pain
But after a while I remember with a smile and then I don't feel so blue
And that's the way I want to think when I think of you

Oh darling break up with me
Be my ex-girlfriend

Copyright © 1997 Dan Schmidt