I Will Deny

Everybody loves me but it doesn't mean they care
I'm just an arrow in the air
And I will fly and I will fly
My heart is stronger than the ticking of a clock
And for a week I took a walk
I will deny

It doesn't matter what my fortune tells for me
If I am tied to someone free
And she will fly and she will fly
My heart is stronger than the pumping of a pump
My memory's a useless stump
I will deny

Kiss me Carolyn, I like you cause you're cruel
You calculate my innocence and pull me in the pool
We fooled everyone cause everyone's a fool
But now I will deny, I will deny

I keep a diary of data to disclaim
It mentions all of you by name
And you will fry and you will fry
I have another one of people that are true
The only name in it is you
I will deny

And I've got secrets that are locked up so secure
That I've forgotten what they were
And they will die when I will die
I've got another one that anyone can see
And it's the only part of me
I will deny

And I will be what I will be, I will deny
And we shall see what we shall see, I will deny

Copyright © 2001 Dan Schmidt