Fade to black and you'll find what you lack
Look at me once and you'll know
What you've learned is a lot of shit to burn
And it's all bullshit to me

We are all part of a whole, and nothing more
Nothing bores me like your kind-hearted face
Another race to take my place, another race
Hold your breath

I am not what you want or what you think
What you want is too uptight
There'll be a fight, but not tonight
When time is right there'll be a fight
I'll be back, I'll be back

To pack my bag, already late
I got an all-night train to catch
There's a catch to all this pain

You don't even know it's there
You don't think you need to care

But when it goes away
You'll hear the people say
He couldn't be there for today
And when you go away
You'll hear the people say
You're free to join us for today

Next to you I'm still a stranger
But not a failure, and not afraid
To let go of nature and her pager
Just let it ring, it won't bother people
They're too busy anyway
You would say that I like the danger
I need it every day

Talk to me and you'll find there's
Something there that you can't see
In your eyes it's as simple as
A lock without a key
But here it is, you might choose to use it
Or it may be down the road that you find
A better fit than what you left behind

Copyright © 2000 Greg Huang