You Broke My Brain

I was a child prodigy
Just got my third Ph.D.
I could solve bicubics in my sleep
I used to be the teacher's pet
Up until the day we met
Now I'm far too shallow cause I fell in love too deep

I used to think I had it all
But now I hardly think at all
Oh, you broke my brain
I used to ponder and reflect
But now my cerebellum's wrecked
Oh, you broke my brain

I won the state boy genius crown
From Encyclopedia Brown
There was not a book I hadn't read
I studied Hegel and Descartes
Back in the days when I was smart
Now I've found a better thing to do than read in bed

I used to cogitate and think
Before you made my IQ sink
Oh, you broke my brain
I used to be head of my class
But now I just think of your ass
Oh, you broke my brain

I thought it was a sprain but I was wrong
I'm gonna be in pain before too long
And so here's the refrain of my new song:

My erudition knew no end
Now I can barely count to ten
Oh, you broke my brain
My genius was second to none
But being stupid's much more fun
Oh, you broke my brain

Copyright © 2000 Dan Schmidt